Nautical Nouveau

I have been playing around with art nouveau lately and trying to carry it a bit cross genre into my illustrations using many of the same elements. This was created by making a pencil drawing, I made a grid for the waves trying to make overlapping thick lines weave themselves as the ocean. However I … Continue reading Nautical Nouveau


Trash or Treasure?

If you are an artist or striving to be, you probably have a ton of pages upon pages of practice doodles that didn't quite cut it. Or maybe that's just me. For some nutty reason I keep all of mine in a plastic bin and occasionally go through the scraps combing for ideas. When the … Continue reading Trash or Treasure?

From Doodles to Composition: A Lesson From Wonderland

I have spent some time with Alice in Wonderland, admiring the illustration integration, font usage, and simplicity of the yet very detailed illustrations within its pages. This is a tracing of the first page of Alice in Wonderland surrounded by my personal observations. Here is a concept sketch for the first page of my book. … Continue reading From Doodles to Composition: A Lesson From Wonderland