Inky Illustrations for Sorrowfish

The last few days perhaps for the unseeable future I have and will be diverting my attention to Sorrowfish illustrations, so I want to explain what it is, and why.

My mom Anne C. Miles @redtoadmedia is an amazing web builder and writer, she has been hard at work for the last couple of years on a book called Sorrowfish which you can find on or at You can check out her wonderful fantasy about gnomes who make forbidden magical instruments, within the dreams of a Louisville based artist. She is working with an editor now and would love any feedback you have to offer.

She has the witty humor of Jennifer Crusie, the imagination of Douglas Adams, the ridiculousness and creativity of Niel Gaiman, and the intelligence to tie it all in.

What I am doing here is making rough concepts for the world within her book, remaking them and eventually using them as her chapter headers.

She rejected this one, haha she thought it was pretty but definitely not a gnome house. The gnome house should be accessed through a tree trunk and lead to burrow underground. Okay moving on.

This is Dane’s house. A stone cottage which has been added onto many times over the years. The eternal house which never stops growing. And also he has a crazy awesome garden in the back which he has to cloak because most of the plants are illegal and used to make magic lutes.

Sara the main character lives in an apartment in Louisville, in St. James court.

This is Jax the gnome riding a Gryphon. I know all of these need revision. Keep in mind these are only drafts right now.

The scene where Sara goes on a date and he takes her to a mysterious graveyard in the city made from an old fort, well its a real place. We went and took pictures for me to draw for her book. It is pretty magical.

Check back for Sorrowfish updates!

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