An Instructional Drawing Guide: Part 3 – Add Ink

If you have not read part 1 and part 2 of this series you should go back and read those first.

This drawing was created in 3 steps, first with pencil, then with micron illustration pens and lastly with sumo ink.

If you do not have sumi ink, black watercolor, even a sienna if you prefer for a more sepia look, or watered tempura. With a little patience, watered down acrylic could work. I know because I have tried them all. It’s what I do.

So after applying the pencil and ink pen layers we dive into ink. I use an ink stone, and it has so much ink in it dried up that all I have to do is add a little water and it comes back to life.

Start light. Gradually get darker as you go, while one spot is drying move onto the next. Think about light and where shadows should go. Start your first layers of bobby foliage and tree tops because those require many layers.

I used one brush, a simple and soft cheap brush, nothing fancy. You don’t want to see the strokes, keep it soft and let the water do most of the work.

If you aren’t using water color paper, it will warp as the eater pools. Don’t worry about it because after it is all dry you can put it in a book or close your sketchbook and it’ll flatten back out with a little time.

The final touch after you have inked it to your satisfaction is to go back with ink pens and outline your foliage and distant details. I tend to gradually fade the outlines from the inside out to give it a faded look.

You are more than welcome to add as much detail to your leaves and trees as you want. I tend not to because I am not that patient today. Layered water blobs are awesome. Just saying.

There you have my process for my observational sketches! Yeah its not perfect but its pretty, its practice, its fun, its art!

That is the end of this series and I would love to hear from you!

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